Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs Review

Designed for women especially the younger audience,Daisy-Eau So-Fresh Fragrance was introduced into the market by Marc Jacobs in 2011. The fragrance is a new incarnation of Daisy which originally came out in 2007. But unlike Daisy-Eau So-Fresh, Daisy had a strong floral and fruity smell. Created by the world renowned perfumer known as Alberto Morillas, this new incarnation is charming and vibrant with scented top notes of ruby – red grapefruit and raspberry, a base of warm cedar wood and plum. Eau So Fresh is more exhilarating, playful, bubbly sunnier and even more whimsical than Daisy. Its natural floral- fruity fragrance will transport you to a happy, fun and bubbly place.

Daisy-Eau So-Fresh has three Fragrance Notes: The Top Note which consists of natural raspberry, grapefruit and pear; the Middle Note which has violet,apple-blossom and wild-rose while the Base Note contains Musks, cedar wood and plum. The apple blossom and scintillating grapefruit smell combined with creamy sweetness of rasp berry gives it a soft yet sharp smell with fresh quality. Its floral elements do not recall or resemble any specific type of a flower, but it has a blur of pink and white petals.

Daisy-Eau So-Fresh has a big market base because it almost pleases everybody. It is considered as a light’ fragrance whose main accents are based on the milky and caramel notes. Just like women who wear it, the fragrances brings out sweet, bold and feminine nature of the users. The enticing Top Note rasp berry and pear make for an amazing luscious prelude which deepens into a sensual and musky yet sophisticated finish of warm cedar wood and plum. The inclusion of petal-like as well as a floral accord on the carrier bottle makes it have some delicate beauty. Daisy-Eau So-Fresh stands out from others because of its nuance as well as sophistication.

Made with Morillas’ brilliant touch, applying this fragrance is going to leave you with a fresh fruity and floral notes at the start before it dries down to something that is more of subtly woody and also musky.it has an appealing extra zest that is not found in most fragrances . For best use, apply it twice a day.


  • It has a great scent.
  • It leaves users feeling clean and fresh.
  • The scent of the fragrance is long lasting.
  • Offers a great value for money.
  • It’s sexy and not overpowering.
  • It’s suitable for women of all ages.


  • It is pricey
  • It doesn’t last for very long and you might need to reapply it frequently.
  • The fragrance only comes in a 75ml bottle or more.
  • The fruity floral scent can be found in a lot of cheap fragrances.

Daisy-Eau So-Fresh is overall an awesome and popular fragrance. The mix of pear, apple blossom, raspberry and grapefruit makes it the right match for casual wear. Applying it will leave you feeling fresh, confident and sophisticated. It is a sweet, bold, chic and authentic type of fragrance that brings out a mix of quirky vintage and modern glamour in a woman. Recommended for daily use.

Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs is voted as the #4 best perfume for women by Fragrance Advisors.